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one day hunt for management bucks start on $2,250 up to 3,750 hunt require  $350 nonrefundable deposit ,if you chose not harvest management buck  that's only what you pai for day of hunting  we operate on first come first serve basses  

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                      2024   prices

               for up to 3 days hunt

       please see below for lodging and guest options 



 120" - 139"                        $3,500.00 


140" -  160"                    $4,500.00

161"  -   169"                     $5,500.00


170"  -   189"                      $6,500.00


190"  -   199"                     $7,500.00


200"  -   219"                      $8,500.00


220"  -   239"                       $9,500.00


240"  -   250"                      $10,500.00


251"   -   400"     $10,500.00 + add $80.00 for

                           every   inch over 251"

401" ++               priced individually

Large typical bucks priced individually

          Bow hunts starting from 300" and up

                    /sold out of bow hunts for 2023/

                            A $750 non-refundable deposit is required to book a hunt. 


                                      NO TROPHY - NO CHARGE - DEPOSIT ONLY  

We can offer prices so low, because we do raise all our trophy bucks, therefore we can guarantee that there are no growth hormones or long term antibiotics stimulants involved.  Our herd is certified disease free and monitored by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.  Book your Whitetail Deer Hunting adventure today!


A $750 non-refundable deposit is required to book a hunt. 

All hunts up to 3 days and nights. YOY CAN CHOSE  LODGING OR NO LODGING OPTION

ONLY  CASH  ACCEPTED FOR FINAL PAYMENT.                                    

Large group  and /or multiple harvest  discounts are available ,based on combine score  

Limited number of doe hunts available.

All our guides are certificate SCI scorers ,they are here to serve and guide  hunter  ,but on the end the hunter is responsible for selection , humane kill and payment for any and all animals his bullet or arrow make contact with

 Any deer wounded is consider harvested , recovered or not ,  and is hunter responsibility 



Hunters can choose to stay in our new 5-star lodge for additional cost of $290 per night, two nights minimum, minimum occupancy 3 paying hunters. Each hunter, beside large common space, has own /lockable/ bedroom with workstation and full private bathroom, hot freshly cooked breakfast and snack during the day, hot or/ and cold sandwiches of your choice for lunch are included in price of lodging, we do NOT serve dinner, dinners are NOT ICLUDED IN PRICE OF LODGING. Minimum payment required will be collected from each lodging hunter upon check in , any additional charges for staying longer than 2 days will be added to final total, please go to page "LODGING" for more details 



Considering the average cost per night at local hotels is usually around $200 /all taxis included/ this may save you money on your hunt! 

 We will be happy to assist you with booking of local hotel of your choice, if you chose not to stay in our lodge. 

 You are more than welcomed to stay with us, but we have some hunters requesting this option.


Hunter can choose to bring non hunting guest:

if you choose lodging option and your guest will share your room, eat in the lodge and share hunting experience with you,

 you will be charged additional $240 a day with minimum of 2 days upon check in, any additional charges for stay longer than 2 days will be added to final total

if you choose non lodging option and your guest will share your hunting experience with you,

you will be charged additional $150 a day with first day payment upon commencement of your hunt 

                                                                                          CLICK TO PLAY

multiple harvest discounts ;

1,5 %  for 1001"    a combine score

2,0 %  for 1251"  a combine score

2,5 %   for 1501"   a combine score

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